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Need feedback – A $50 credit to anyone who responds to any of my posts in the first 30 days this blog is live! send me your feedback, good or bad, I can take it and you get $50 toward of our services.

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  1. steve
    steve at | | Reply

    I like the site. And I hope everyone else does to. Lots of pictures and a much better idea of the kind of work we do, who our customers are and things that we are working on now. It has been a long road getting here, I’m so excited to be starting a new phase of my life and sharing it with everyone.

  2. Danette Miller
    Danette Miller at | | Reply

    Good Morning Steve,

    i love your new website. very helpful i like the pics too. Makes me wish I was closer to your service area. You do really good work.
    let us know if you need anything from us – different coverages or more coverage, I notice your equipment is not covered or your autos. Nick and I can help.
    Danette Miller
    ARA Insurance

  3. Donna
    Donna at | | Reply

    Looks awesome!

  4. Dole Food Company
    Dole Food Company at | | Reply

    Congratulations on your new endeavor, and we at Dole, appreciate your services. Look forward to many more years ahead !

  5. Ed Kasaba
    Ed Kasaba at | | Reply

    Nice job on the website layout and structure. Quality of info is great just like the quality of hour work

  6. Tanya Johnson
    Tanya Johnson at | | Reply

    Your website looks incredible! A perfect preview to the work you do and the way you leave a place looking!

    Simple, clean, to the point, and allows people to connect deeper with you! I love it.

  7. Richard Allen
    Richard Allen at | | Reply

    Very nice web site. Easy to view. Great visuals.

  8. Lizzie B
    Lizzie B at | | Reply

    We are grateful for the wonderful job you’ve done on our house projects over the last seven years. Great new website! Layout, clarity, images, and navigation are organized well. Congrats!

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