It’s going to rain – or is it?

The weather and rain in particular can become a problem if your house is being painted during inclement weather. Opinions are wide and varied as to the correct time to stop and start work on any given day. Over the years I’ve learned that any perception of a problem IS a problem and so good communication with all involved is best advised.

It is important to say first that any professional painter should be able to control there job to the point where rain, moisture and inclement weather becomes a factor. The next point I should make is that a professional contractor will stand behind there work. If rain becomes a problem, perhaps your paint washes off that new patio during a light drizzle overnight, your painter better clean up the mess, repaint the patio and do it promptly. I’ll save the exploding paint can in the driveway story for another post.

Point here is that there are times when you cannot work in the rain. Sometimes you can work around it. Power washing sometimes works well in the rain. Some concrete work and stucco patching works really well in the rain. I’ll go into more detail about actual temperature, humidity and dew point limits where the manufacturer says you must stop work or control the environment. I can explain some details about the difference between field applications and manufactures lab conditions and  how limits get stretched should there be any interest here.

I’d like to leave you with one important thought. As an owner it is your right to ask questions, be informed and most importantly be up front with your concerns when having contractors working on or in your home. Rain can be a real problem. Hire contractors who have the experience to guide you thru a job and don’t forget to check on there insurance before you start your next project. Just in case . .

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