Quick and Easy Tips

What else do you do besides just ‘paint’?

We have a handyman service and do small repairs including wood repairs, gates, fences, trim boards on the house, just about anything simple that’s associated with the painting work we can do.

Besides just ‘painting’ we also do power washing, window repairs, water damage repairs, water proofing, deck stains, elastomeric coatings, No VOC and ECO friendly coatings, garage floors, and driveways too. Just about any surface can be finished.

Which color is right for my house?

The right exterior color can keep a small house from looking smaller, split-levels from looking top-heavy and colonials from seeming awkwardly tall. Here are some tips when considering colors:

  • Look at the style of your home. Choose light colors for smaller homes to lessen the disparity between the body and the trim. Contrast is beneficial with some home styles (Victorian, for example), to accentuate architectural features. Slightly darker colors on larger homes can look dynamic.
  • Notice the “fixed” colors of your home. Brick, stone, unpainted masonry or roof shingles should be compatible with the exterior paint color you are considering.
  • Find out about local restrictions. Many historic areas and newer subdivisions provide a list of “recommended colors.”
  • Don’t overlook your neighbors’ homes. While you want your home to be distinctive from your neighbors, the color you select should coordinate with it, too.
  • Take a cue from nature. Pick a color that agrees with the environment surrounding your home.

What are some things I should consider before painting my house?

Although cost is a factor, other criteria should be weighed, such as:

These are but a few of the items to consider when selecting a contractor. View the complete list of tips from the California Contractor’s State License Board.

Does your contractor measure up?

See what the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) lists as the Top 10 tips to consider when hiring a contractor.

What is faux finishing?

Faux finishing is a painting technique used to create the illusion of texture on a wall. We perform specialty finishes including sponging, ragging, multi-fleck and various colored plasters are available.

Do you do any wallpaper?

We can install or remove any wallpaper, covering or texture that you may have or desire to be installed including vinyl’s, paper backed, commercial rolls, flocks, foils and murals too!

What else can you do?

We offer a complete and professional service and we welcome feedback. Please contact us if you have further questions, any concerns or just want to give us a compliment. We would be glad to hear from you.