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How To Identify the Best Painting Contractor in Oak Park, CA

If you’re a home owner in Oak Park, California and your home is in need of a makeover, a fresh coat of paint is a great place to start. As intimidating as the prospect may be, a fresh coat of paint – whether you choose to stick with the same color or splurge on a fun new one – can really liven up your home and will help protect your investment for many years to come.

Smart Contractor Hiring

Of course, there’s a lot that goes into identifying the best painting contractor for your needs. Whether you’re looking to overhaul the interior or exterior of your home, following a set of certain guidelines can help you to find the contractor or company that provides the quality of painting services you need at a price you can afford.

Above all else – use caution when shopping around by price. Often times you get what you pay for. You might save a bundle in the beginning but end up spending more in the end because of shoddy workmanship that needs to be redone. That doesn’t mean you have to pay a premium either. If it sounds too good to be true it often is.

Use the Internet

Go online and spend some time checking out potential contractors’ websites. Learn what you can from their site and take note of contact information, license numbers and insurance information.

Look for useful information including any reviews on various social media sites. Google Places has verified reviews. Yahoo, Yelp and many other sites may have references or helpful information and is relatively easy and quick to do.

Spot the Red Flags

Learning to spot unscrupulous contractors is vitally important to ensure that you don’t find yourself on the paying end of a licensing, bonding or insurance issue. Or perhaps paying for work that is never completed at all. Here are some things to look for in a painting contractor that should raise red flags:

  • The contractor demands more than $500 or 10% of the overall value of the project up-front or requires cash payments only
  • The painter is only reachable by a personal cell phone and doesn’t appear to have any real business telephone number or address (or actual business name for that matter)
  • The painters offer special discounts for cash payments – in advance
  • The contractor gives you what seems to be an unrealistic time estimate (like promising he alone can have the entire exterior of your house painted in a few hours). This can be an indication of a lack of quality in favor of getting the job done quickly.

We know that identifying the best painting contractor in Oak Park, California, can be a time-intensive process. However, it’s important you take the time to ensure you find a painting company that is professional, communicative and one that matches your expectations.

We invite you to request a free estimate from us. We are confident that you’ll be impressed with our company, our competitive prices, and our high level of customer service!